When Faced with a Major Problem, You Have Three Choices...



Author:  John D. Thomas 28 July 2017 Copyright 2017

Life doesn’t always go smoothly. Everyone experiences “bumps” along life’s journey. Sometimes these bumps can be extraordinarily challenging and treacherous.  Major problems often signal the arrival of (or the need to make) a significant change in your life.  This includes such situations as the loss of a job, a divorce, a business failure, financial troubles, legal problems, a serious health problem, or the loss of someone important to you.  Life can be hard.  

When faced with a major problem, you have three choices:

     1) Ignore the problem and hope it goes away 

     2) Do nothing and just give up

     3) Take action to resolve the problem 


The first two choices solve nothing and add nothing positive to your life.  Very few problems just go away on their own.  In fact, most problems if ignored, grow worse over time.  By ignoring the problem you compound the long-term negative consequences.  Sooner or later, you are going to have to "pay the piper" and deal with the problem.


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Likewise, doing nothing solves nothing.  Doing nothing is quitting.  Quitting takes an enormous toll on your self-esteem. Quitting is easy, but it is expensive in the long run.  You’ll pay a steep price.  Quitting closes off positive options in your future.

The only choice that really makes sense is to face the problem and deal with it. Major problems are transformational events. This is a profound truth.  Major problems can serve as significant turning points (forks in the road) in your life.  When facing one of these “forks in the road”, you must make a decision and go right or left.  If you fail to make a decision, a fork in the road becomes a dead end.  This is why it is so important to embrace change, make good decisions, and take meaningful action.

The appearance of a problem signals the need for a change in plans.  As a rule, the bigger the problem, the bigger the changes needed to deal with it.  If the changes you make are well-planned, you will begin the journey towards a brighter, more rewarding future! 


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