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How to Make a Fresh Start in Life!

In this revealing book, you’ll discover how to recover from major problems and create a new, exciting life filled with happiness and self-fulfillment.

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How to Make a Fresh Start in Life 

How to Deal with Difficult People  

Difficult people are everywhere. They are on our roads, in the workplace, in our neighborhood, and even in our families. How effectively you deal with difficult people will directly affect your quality of life. This includes your success, emotional well-being, health, and even your longevity. ou.

To be released October 2017 


How to Deal with Difficult People

The Art of Excellent Decision Making 

The quality of your life directly depends upon the quality of your decisions. Bad decisions lead to a bad life; good decisions lead to a good life. And with great decisions there is no limit to what you can do! You can learn the art of good decision making and literally transform your life! 

To be released February 2018 

The Art of Excellent Decision Making

How to Make “The System” Work for You 

The system is complex and practically unstoppable. It can make you or it can break you. Either way, it doesn’t care. You can use the system or you better believe, it will darn sure use you. In this engrossing book, you will discover how the system operates, how to break free, and how to make it work for you.

To be released July 2018

How to Make "The System" Work for You