For Every Problem, There Is a Solution!


Author:  John D. Thomas 28 July 2017 Copyright 2017

For every problem, there is at least one solution within your reach.  Life can throw plenty of curves and problems your way.  Right now, maybe you are facing some daunting challenges. Perhaps you are trying to deal with frustrating problems that refuse to go away. They seem to be pulling you down to the point where you just feel like giving up.  When you get to the point where life is constantly hammering you and you feel overwhelmed, it is time to begin developing solutions to your situation and create a Plan of Action!  

You are not the first person to face the kind of problem now before you.  So why not tap into the experience and insight of recognized experts with experience successfully dealing with the type of problem you are facing?  Their insight will save you frustration, time, and perhaps money.  Their assistance will be invaluable as you develop a Plan of Action to solve your problem.

Your Plan of Action begins with setting realistic, achievable goals for solving your problem.  Next, develop a timeline for reaching those goals.  After that, identify metrics against which you can measure your progress. 

Once you have developed a Plan of Action, implement it. Doing this means taking action.  As you take the action(s) called for in your Plan, be sure to track and evaluate the results you are getting using the timeline and metrics you’ve already established. If you notice that you are not getting the results you desire, adjust your Plan of Action accordingly.  Continue tracking and evaluating your results. This process continues until you achieve your desired results and solve your problem.

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This, in a nutshell, is the process for solving major problems through the use of a personal Plan of Action.  And this process works!  If you follow this process, you will astound yourself with the long-term results.  

Sometimes the results may not materialize quickly.  However, the most important, life-changing results often come from months or even years of persistence.  The longer you stick with your Plan of Action, the greater the results you will achieve.  Over time, the benefits you derive will compound and multiply.  Give this process a try! 


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