How to Get Past What You Can't Get Over



 Author:  John D. Thomas 29 August 2017 Copyright 2017

Is there some event or experience in your past which has caused you to feel profound pain or anger?  Does this negative experience still haunt you causing continued pain or bitterness? If so, there is a way to get past these major life events and significantly reduce their adverse effect on your life.

You must seek to discover the underlying purpose a negative event has for your life. Once you discover that underlying purpose, assign a higher meaning to it. Place that experience into a broader context. Discovering and assigning significant meaning and a higher purpose to a negative event gives you the power to begin taking positive action. Positive action brings good to others and ultimately… to yourself. Here is why this is true.

Major negative events can weigh heavily in your life. They pull your life off balance. But when you make a conscious decision to take positive action and allow that negative event to become a genesis for bringing good to others, you offset and counter-balance the bad with an equal or better yet, a greater good which then elevates your life. 

The moment you make a decision to transform a major negative event into the catalyst for helping others and creating an equal or greater good, you begin to lessen the debilitating power of that negative event.

Major negative events can never be undone. But you can choose to redeem a negative event by allowing that experience to serve as the genesis for bringing good to others (and equally important to yourself) that otherwise would never have happened. 

In this way, you transform a negative event into something good that uplifts and inspires others while bringing you... peace of mind. 


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