How to Heal Our Society's Divisions



 Author:  John D. Thomas 30 October 2017 Copyright 2017

Our society today is strongly divided in countless ways. These divisions cut across many lines. Our nation is divided politically, culturally, racially, economically, and by age and gender. These are just a few of many divisions our society is now experiencing. But what can be done to heal these divisions in our society? And what can be done to help bring people together? .

I believe the answer lies in showing respect for others. Many people say that respect must be earned and until it is earned, they will not show respect to specific people or groups. But I take issue with this mindset. I believe this is a flawed mindset that solves nothing. If you are waiting until people change before you respect them, you’ll be waiting a very long time.

I want to suggest that showing respect to others can be an attitude stemming from first having respect for yourself. Showing respect for others says more about you than it does about others. The funny thing about showing respect to others is that it tends to be reciprocated.

When you respect others, they are naturally inclined to return that respect to you. Showing respect to others means that although you may not agree with them, you are willing to respect them as an individual. You respect their right to have their own independent opinions and views. It means you respect their right to enjoy the same freedoms you have.

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If we can get to the point where we all begin showing respect to each other, I think we’ll discover that we’ll start focusing more on the things we have in common instead of dwelling on our differences. This is how we can heal the divisions in our country and create a happier, more civilized society.  


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