Major Problems Are Transformational Events



 Author:  John D. Thomas 4 August 2017 Copyright 2017

Major problems are transformational events.  This is a profound truth.  Major problems can and should serve as significant turning points (forks in the road) in your life.  When facing one of these “forks in the road”, you must make a decision and go right or left.  If you fail to make a decision, a fork in the road becomes a dead end.  This is why it is so important to embrace change, make good decisions, and take meaningful action.  

The appearance of a problem signals the need for a change in plans.  As a rule, the bigger the problem, the bigger the change needed to deal with it.  If the changes you make are well-planned, you can begin the path toward a brighter, more rewarding future! 


Major problems cannot be ignored in hope they will simply go away.  This is a losing strategy.  Likewise, doing nothing and quitting takes an enormous toll on your self-confidence.  Quitting is easy, but it is expensive in the long run.  You’ll pay a steep price. 


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How to Make a Fresh Start in Life

Making positive changes to your life often requires you to acquire new skills, abilities, and resources.  Their acquisition will open new opportunities in your life.  Their acquisition also gives you the leverage needed to transform major problems into stepping stones toward higher levels of achievement, happiness, and fulfillment.  The sooner you acquire these new skills, abilities, and resources the more likely you are to forego much of the long-term damage major problems often cause. 


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