How to Make a Fresh Start in Life!
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How to Make a Fresh Start in Life!

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eBook 132 pages (Illustrated with photos and diagrams). 

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  Colonel John D. Thomas Author:

    Colonel John D. Thomas
    U.S. Air Force (Retired)
    Thomas Publications

In this revealing book, you’ll discover how to recover from major problems and create a new, exciting life.  The process for making a fresh start is time-tested and practical.  It's never too late to get started.  You can indeed start over and enjoy a life filled with happiness and self-fulfillment! 


  • How to Find Answers to the Problems You Are Facing 
  • How to Change Yourself and Change Your Future 
  • The Three Laws of Personal Change 
  • How to Make Your Own Fresh Start in Life 
  • What Actions You Need to Take / What Actions to Avoid
  • How to Create a Life Filled with Great Expectations! 
  • Some Radical Thoughts about Happiness 
  • The Ultimate Fresh Start in Life
This eBook includes 221 Videos from Leading Experts in their Field 
  • How to Obtain the Education and Training You Need - [10 videos]
  • How to Overcome Financial Difficulties - [12 videos] 
  • Bouncing Back from a Job Loss - [7 videos]
  • How to Make a Career Change - [9 videos] 
  • How to Quickly and Permanently Reduce Stress - [9 videos]
  • Insight for Dealing with Adversity - [8 videos] 
  • How to Overcome a Business Failure - [13 videos]
  • Coping with a Marriage or Relationship Failure   - [10 videos]
  • Tips for Finding a New Relationship   - [16 videos] 
  • Dealing with Death (Yours or a Loved One) - [9 videos] 
  • Improving your Health and Fitness - [9 videos] 
  • Overcoming Addictions - [10 videos] 
  • Improving your Emotional Well-Being - [15 videos] 
  • Sage Advice for Dealing with Legal Problems - [14 videos] 
  • Traveling Smarter, Safer, and More Economically - [10 videos] 
  • Tips for Moving and Relocating to a Better Place - [12 videos] 
  • Planning and Enjoying a Better Retirement - [13 videos] 
  • Letting Go of the Past - [11 videos]
  • Getting Out of a Rut - Seeking a Change - [12 videos] 
  • How to Live a More Meaningful Life - [12 videos] 
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